year: 2024
location: Beijing

Lee's tea

Located in Beijing, in an area limited in size and proportions 李茶的茶 takes shape, a small tea house that intends to express the great cultural tradition of Chinese tea with a contemporary approach. A relaxing oasis in the hustle and bustle of the city.

The front is organized in a rhythmic manner by yellow linear metal structures which also act as a luminous and structural support for the large translucent canopy, thus giving warmth and atmosphere to the environment below. This rigidity is mischievously interrupted by a large yellow dot that houses the shop window.

Two large triangular sails act as sunshades for the circular public area below. A light and floating disk of wood anchored to the ground by various heavy concrete shapes, each of them with various functions and ways of use: a long communal table, a circular seat, a triangular backrest and a small square. In apparent dialogue with each other, they offer different possibilities for enjoyment and socialization.

indignant state of mind